One -Stop Resume posting Services:
Instead of filling out multiple forms and posting your resumes on multiple websites, fill out one easy form and all of your data will be automatically accessible to potential employers on all of the major jobsites. Imagine the time savings you could be enjoying.
Access to Job Sites for a Multitude of Careers:
Resume Boomer has already researched the best career sites in a multitude of career categories. No matter what your field or area of expertise, we can help you post your resume to jobsites geared towards your specific profession.
Automatic Job Notifications
Are you tired of searching job boards? Resume Boomer can do the searching for you. Our team members will send you a job alert each time they find a position matching your qualifications and interests.

By specifying the career fields, career titles and locations that you are interested in when you fill out your Resume Boomer profile, you allow Resume Boomer team members to track down the jobs you will want to see the most.
Resume Boomer's Features
and Benefits:
The Job Seaker's Toolbox.

If you wish to retain a greater degree of privacy, you have the option of selecting confidential when you are signing up for Resume Boomer. If you do so, your personal information will not be revealed to any career websites where your resume is posted.
Resume tracking:
Your Resume Boomer account is extremely easy to manage. Once you login, you can monitor what sites your resume and application materials have been posted to. You will also be provided with a distinct username and password for every site to which your resume and application materials have been posted.
Resume Boomer Email:

To protect your personal email account from spam emails, we have created a separate Resume Boomer email account for you. The Resume Boomer account will be used on all the career sites; this way your personal information is never revealed or compromised. Upon your selection, we can arrange to have all of your Resume Boomer emails forwarded to your personal email account.

Email protection:

In order to safeguard you and your personal information even further, all messages forwarded from your Resume Boomer account to your personal email account will be sent through a spam filter and will be screened by a virus protection program.