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News : We are proud to announce the successful launch of ResumeBoomer.com. A resume distribution service.
Why Resume Boomer?
Employers and Recruiters are Looking for you Online
Many recruiters and employers prefer not to even post their open jobs on job sites-Instead, they search resumes that are posted on the job sites. Why? Because employers are often inundated with resumes when they post a job online and it is easier for them to "cherry pick" the candidates they want out of those people who have posted their resumes to job boards. Furthermore, employers can save money by not posting jobs; most major job boards charge upwards of $200 dollars to post a single job. It just makes sense for employers to take the free and more convenient route of finding candidates to fill their open positions.
Increase Your Odds of Being Found and Hired
In order to be found and hired, your resume needs to be on the job boards employers are searching. Because there are so many job sites out there, it is important that you are on as many of them as possible. At Resume Boomer we will ensure that both you and your resume get the exposure you need.
Save Over 50 Hours in Time and Save Money Too
It could take you over 50 hours to do the online resume posting we do for you in a matter of minutes. If your time is worth more than 75-cents an hour you will save a ton of money using Resume Boomer.
Have Employers and Recruiters Come to You
When you use Resume Boomer, employers and recruiters will come to you. Instead of wasting time searching for open jobs, you can spend your time preparing for interviews.